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Is your organization future-proof?

You can order the inspiring think and workbook for entrepreneurs and business leaders who want to future-proof their organization here.

Is your organization future-proof?

You can order the inspiring think and workbook for entrepreneurs and business leaders who want to future-proof their organization here.

From 5 to 7 stars

We live and work in a time of intense and disruptive competition and erratic market developments. To remain relevant and successful you need to take your organization to the next level; from 5 to 7 stars. This book enables you to:
better see how commodification and ‘black swan’ market forces necessitate a new view of competition
shape your own, competition-free 7-Star Organization
immediately plan and execute the necessary steps in your organization.


– Sir Richard Branson –

Amazonification, commodification and 'black swan' market forces


Many organizations are following Amazon’s lead and (also) setting themselves up as an online or platform service. Moreover, companies copy each other’s offerings and innovations at lightning speed. As a result, everything starts to look alike and choices become increasingly difficult. This development, typical of the Western supply chain economy, is called the ‘commodification’ of supply.

At the same time, the risk of Black Swans is increasing. Increasingly, unexpected and far-reaching events such as the Corona crisis will be able to affect your business enormously. This is a consequence of the growth of the world population and international trade, the depletion of natural resources, climate change and political instability.

If you want to be successful tomorrow, the day after and in the future in this challenging market context, you must strive for a podium position in your market.


– Daniel Webster –

Build your own 7-Star Organization


With its hotel concept, the Burj al Arab in Dubai has created a unique, successful product category in the premium-plus segment. It was hailed by the trade press as the world’s first 7-Star hotel. In doing so, it became a reference brand and took a big lead over the followers who are slowly but surely emerging in this new segment.

If you want to occupy a podium position in your market in the short and long term, it is essential that, like the Burj al Arab, you are remarkable and incomparable. As a brand, with your offer and with your people. The challenge is to create your own unique market segment and customer base; your own ‘Market of One’.

The example of the Burj al Arab hotel as described in the book illustrates well how you can do that with a complete business model. The many other examples, the 7-Star Framework and its approach show you how to do this for any business model, product or service. This works on both the premium and discount side of the market, but not in the middle ground. Because there you are not only in the grip of a downward price spiral but also of competition from the lower and or upper end of the market.


– Mohammed bin Rasjid al Maktoem –

Plan and execute steps immediately

The 7-Star Framework concept consists of seven domains that together form the foundation of a future-proof organization:

1. Inspirational Leadership 2. Passionate Teams 3. Agile Business Model
4. Remarkable Experiences 5. Sales Excelleration 6. Disciplined Execution 7. High Performance

Each of these domains has four so-called drivers. These are the buttons you can turn to lift the relevant domain to a higher level. And thus become more future-proof in that area.

By making a well-founded choice from the seven domains and their drivers, you can systematically shape and accelerate the construction of your own 7-Star Organization. The drivers are based on a combination of extensive literature review and some 30 years of minds-on and hands-on experience in designing and implementing successful transformations of organizations.

Sneak preview

The book ‘The 7-Star Organization’ by Jack Korsten was published in Dutch by Van Duuren Media.
ISBN 978-90-8965-5783 | Hardback, full-colour, 280 pages | price: € 45,00
picture Jack Korsten

About the author Jack Korsten

Jack Korsten is the founder and owner of GrowthPartner. He helps entrepreneurs and business leaders to be successful today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow by building future-proof organizations. His previous book ‘The Growth Spiral’ was nominated for Management Book of the Year.

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For a free scan on the 7 elements of the model, you can go to 7starorganization.com
For training and work modules on each of the 7 elements, you can visit the author’s company website: groeipartner.nl.

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